Your shirt is still crumpled up on my bedroom floor, Catching the cold air from the vibrating vent; I’ve always hated how loud it gets. I left it there, hoping it’d act like some sort of filter Making the air smell like you; But you just smelled clean and warm, And cold air can’t take […]

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Stray Thoughts

Recently, I’ve really gotten into photography as a sort of hobby. I like taking photos and trying to edit them to look artistic or creative. Often I use myself as a model, but I’ve also been trying to take nice pictures of nature. So, here is the beginning of hopefully a collection of neat looking […]

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Beside the Broken Water

We met in the evening Beside the broken water That sang tremulously And forced us together. The shards of water on your face Teased me into your embrace And fell onto my skin, Colder than the sunset. The cracked water continued to sing, Entrancing, climbing into our membranes. We’d never get away; trapped Our bodies […]

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The branches snagged my hair as I ran through the trees. I had wanted to fly away, but when I’d tried I felt too heavy; I couldn’t keep myself up. I had to escape that house, and this was my second attempt. My first was a failure, and it only happened 20 minute ago; I […]

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The puppy barked relentlessly at the top of his lungs, crying out for attention. She turned away, her heart pinching a bit as she left him behind.   Author’s Note: I would love to turn this flash fiction into a conversation! What do you think this story is about? Or, if you’d like, feel free […]

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Relationships Are Like Canoes

When I was little, I was a Girl Scout. Every summer there was a day-camp full of different activities, such as crafts and cooking; for the most part it was about having fun and learning new things. There was one activity in particular that I can still remember pretty clearly, and that was learning how […]

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I’m locked in chains of naivety A slave to the narrative Of supposed-tos So now I’ll sell myself Because I want to be free I’ll sell my body and my voice Take anything I lash at my chains Bit by bit They only grow more thick No matter what I do I can’t make a […]

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